Career Development Center

The Career Development Center provides a wide array of programs and assistance to students throughout their four-year experience at Lyon. The career center tailors programs, services, and workshops to meet the diverse needs of individual students. The center’s open-door policy encourages students to build relationships with career center staff and to feel comfortable seeking assistance.

The career center provides career guidance, planning, and exploration in various ways, such as

  • administering and interpreting personality, skill, and interest inventories;
  • providing various career-related resources for students’ use in the career library;
  • providing virtual career services online; and
  • guiding students through selecting and applying for graduate study.

The career center staff also host a variety of career preparation workshops and events, including Grad School Expo, the Career EXPLO, professional panel discussions, résumé and cover letter writing sessions, interview, and networking skills workshops, job search preparation workshops, and career decision-making workshops.

In addition to these career preparation events and workshops, the career center provides students with a variety of hands-on opportunities as part of its experiential education program, including

  • assisting students in securing internships, job shadowing opportunities, and providing job search links;
  • posting internship and job openings both on campus and online;
  • hosting on-campus recruiter visits and interviews for various employers; and
  • ​​​​​​​connecting current students to alumni for advice, encouragement, and assistance.

The career center also offers a one-credit business seminar entitled “Career Professionalism,” which guides students through an integrated process of self-evaluation, career exploration, and the creation of effective self-marketing strategies and tools.