Lyon College counseling is committed to helping all students achieve maximum benefit from attending Lyon. A full-time licensed professional counselor provides both counseling and consultation services to students. These services strive to meet the psychological needs of students by providing a safe, supportive, and confidential environment that empowers students to explore personal and interpersonal concerns. For most students, the college years represent many unique challenges. This time is one of significant personal exploration, growth and decision-making regarding one’s values, interpersonal relationships, and life goals, all within a challenging academic environment.

Students can be seen individually for appointments at no cost to the student. Educational programs relating to mental health issues also offered through this office. Various resources provided by this office include books, videos and pamphlets on a variety of topics and a website with links on a multitude of mental health issues. Local community resources are also available to students through referral by the college counselor. Any costs associated with the use of community resources are the responsibility of the student.