Faculty Awards: The Lamar Williamson Prize for Faculty Excellence

The Lamar Williamson Prize for Faculty Excellence provides a cash award to one outstanding faculty member each year and a permanent silver prize cup. The faculty member is chosen each year by a committee and then is asked to present a publishable paper at a public convocation. Past recipients of the award are the following:

Roberta Bustin
J. Paul Smith Professor of Chemistry (1980)

Terrell Tebbetts
W. C. Brown, Jr., Professor of English (1981)

George Lankford
Pauline M. and Brooks Bradley Professor in the Social Sciences (1982)

Dorothy Landis Gray
Jean Brown Professor of Music (1983)

Jane Bush Fagg
Professor of History (1984)

Daniel W. Fagg, Jr.
Paul M. McCain Professor of History (1985)

Donald V. Weatherman
John D. Trimble, Sr., Professor of Political Philosophy (1986)

Bert E. Holmes
W.C. Brown, Sr., Distinguished Professor of Chemistry (1987)

Ann A. Rhodes
Professor of Psychology (1988)

Edward N. Mosley
Professor of Mathematics (1989)

Robert K. Holyer
W. Lewis McColgan Professor of Religion (1990)

Virginia F. Wray
Associate Professor of English (1991)

Scott Peterson
Willie D. Bryan Associate Professor of Biology (1992)

Thomas E. Cooper
Anne J. Stewart Associate Professor of Economics (1993)

George Chlebak
Professor of Art (1994)

Bart L. Lewis
J. William Fulbright Professor of Modern Languages (1995)

John Dahlquist
Professor of History (1996)

James L. Rulla
Associate Professor of Mathematics (1997)

Andrea Hollander Budy
Visiting Assistant Professor of English (1998)

Russell T. Stinson
Josephine E. Brown Professor of Music (1999)

Teresa B. Murphy
Assistant Professor of Education (2000)

Cassie L. Creighton
Associate Professor of Accounting (2001)

Barrie Bondurant
Associate Professor of Psychology (2002)

Alan H. McNamee
Frank and Marion Bradley Lyon Professor of Accounting (2003)

Robert G. Gregerson
Willie Dillard Bryan Associate Professor of Biology (2004)

Scott M. Roulier
Associate Professor of Political Science (2005)

Frank L. Winfrey
Clark N. and Mary Perkins Barton Professor of Management (2006)

David J. Thomas
Associate Professor of Biology (2007)

Tim Lindblom
Associate Professor of Biology (2008)

Paul Bube
W. Lewis McColgan Professor of Religion (2009)

Martha Beck
Professor of Philosophy (2010)

David Pace
Associate Professor of Chemistry (2011)

Catherine Bordeau
Associate Professor of French (2012)

Patrick Mulick
Associate Professor of Psychology (2013)

Mark Schram
Associate Professor of Biology (2014)

Anthony Grafton
Professor of Chemistry (2015)

Jeremy Chapman
Associate Professor of Mathematics (2016)

Bradley Gitz
William Jefferson Clinton Professor of International Politics (2017)

Nikki Yonts
Assistant Professor of Psychology/Education (2018)

Wesley Beal
Associate Professor of English (2019)

Cassia Oliveira
Associate Professor of Biology (2020)