For More Information: Contact List

For More Information
If you need information not included in this catalog, we welcome your questions. You may address inquiries to the offices indicated below. Also listed are the campus location and direct-dial telephone number of each office. For topics not listed, please contact the office of communications for referral.

Telephone: 870.307.7000
TDD Number: 870.307.7366

Fax: 870.307.7001

Academic Program
Office of Academic Services and Provost,
Nichols Administration Building, 870.307.7332

Office of Enrollment Services, Welcome Center, 870.307.7250
Toll-free 1.800.423.2542

Alumni Affairs
Office of Alumni and Parent Services, Nichols Administration Building, 870.307.7527

Office of the Athletic Director, Becknell Gymnasium, 870.307.7220

Career Development Center
Lyon Building, 870.307.7227

Financial Aid
Office of Financial Aid, Welcome Center, 870.307.7257

Finances and Fees
Business Office, Nichols Administration Building, 870.307.7322

Gifts and Bequests
Office of Institutional Advancement, Nichols Administration Building, 870.307.7211

President’s Office
Office of the President, Nichols Administration Building, 870.307.7201

Scheduling Campus Events
Facilities Use Manager, Nichols Administration Building, and On-Campus Calendar Administrator, 870.307.7325

Student Life
Office of the Dean of Students, Edwards Commons, 870-307-7314