Grade Reports and Grade Appeal Policy

Grade Reports

Final grades are issued at the end of the fall, spring, and summer subterms. Mid-term grades will be issued for courses in the fall and spring semesters only. Final and mid-term grades may be accessed online once they have been validated by the registrar’s office. 

Grade Appeal Policy

Students are responsible for fulfilling the course objectives, assignments, and academic standards prescribed for each course in which they are enrolled. Thus grade appeals must be based on claims of computational errors or actions that are arbitrary, capricious, and/or discriminatory in nature. Grade appeals must be initiated by the add date of the next academic term. Appeals will be conducted in accordance with the following procedures.

The student contesting a grade is to first contact the faculty member involved and seek an informal resolution of the dispute. If the student is unable to resolve the complaint through informal consultation, the student may appeal the grade awarded to the chair of the academic division to which the faculty member is assigned. This appeal will be in writing and accompanied by all relevant documentation (syllabus, graded work, etc.). If the division chair is unable to resolve the grade appeal to the satisfaction of the parties involved, or the person giving the disputed grade is the division chair, then a written appeal with all relevant documentation may be made to the Chief Academic Officer. After consulting with the faculty member and the student, the Chief Academic Officer will reach a decision on the appeal. The decision of the Chief Academic Officer is final. Like other grade changes, these changes must be endorsed by the Chief Academic Officer. A grade change made against the desires of the faculty member will be so noted on the change of grade form. All parties to the grade appeal are to maintain strict confidentiality throughout the appeal process.