Pre-Veterinary Concentration

Professors: Cassia C. Oliveira and David Thomas
Associate Professors: Alexander Beeser and Maryline Jones
Assistant Professor: Eric South
Associate Professor: Irosha Nawarathne

The Pre-Veterinary Concentration prepares students to take the Veterinary College Admission Test(VCAT) and/or Graduate Record Exam (GRE), and meet the admissions requirements for veterinary school. The concentration may be added to any major, but usually is coupled with the Biology Major. This curriculum is based upon the requirements for Louisiana State University and Kansas State University. Other schools may have additional requirements. Lyon College proficiency and common core courses (ENG 101 & 102, MTH 101, etc.) are not included here even though many schools list them as prerequisites. Some of these courses may have prerequisites not shown. Only one pre-health profession concentration may be declared.


*Students may use BIO 110, CHM 110, PHY 210/211, PHY 240/241, PSY 235, SPN 101 and SPN 102 to satisfy Core requirements.

Summary of Required Courses

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Sub-Total Credits