Lyon College Travel Courses

Lyon College travel courses are two-week overseas trips led by members of the Lyon faculty and are the third option for Study Abroad at Lyon College. Trips are offered following the end of the fall and spring semesters. The faculty members responsible for the travel courses are usually the instructors of the courses that are prerequisites to the study-abroad courses. The prerequisite courses are typically offered in the semester immediately preceding related travel courses.

Students are eligible to participate in a travel course after their third semester of full-time study (to actually apply to study abroad in the second semester of their sophomore year)  and before the second semester of their senior year.  Transfer students may participate after two semesters of full-time study at Lyon, provided they have reached at least the second semester of their sophomore year. To be eligible, students must have a Lyon cumulative grade-point average of 2.5 or better. This eligibility will hold true unless the student fails to meet the contractual agreement with the College, or goes on probation or suspension. Participation in travel courses is contingent upon the payment of any required tuition and course fees (usually $1200) by the end of the term prior to the start of the courses. Eligible students enrolled in these courses will receive Lyon grants in the amount of $1800 to cover a portion of course-related expenses. The grants are issued to the Lyon College Travel Program and not to individual students.

Students who fail to return to Lyon for the term following the travel courses will be billed for any cost of the courses incurred by the College on their behalf, including Lyon College international studies grants. Exceptions to this policy may be granted by the chief academic officer in the case of seniors who were unable to previously enroll in or complete a study abroad or travel course. The policy on the reimbursement of College expenses also applies to students who are sent back to the U.S. by their instructors prior to the end of the courses due to violations of College policies. Credit hours for study abroad or travel courses cannot be applied toward graduation requirements if the study abroad takes place after the student’s participation in commencement.

Continuing Lyon students who are not eligible for Lyon travel course grants or who have previously received a travel grant may enroll and participate in travel courses entirely at their own expense (provided there is still room available in the course). At the time of enrollment, they must be in good academic and financial standing. 

All participants in travel courses must be enrolled in the courses. Participants are responsible for obtaining or renewing their passports and securing proper visas prior to departing the United States on Nichols courses. They are also required to show proof prior to departure of medical insurance for the duration of the courses. Information on future travel courses can be found on the International Education website, which is currently under construction on the College’s Library Guides website.