Major Fields of Study

Lyon College offers courses of study leading to a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) or Bachelor of Science (B.S.) degree, depending on the major chosen and, in some cases, the course of study within the major. Lyon offers major programs of study in 21 specific fields of study:

Bachelor of Arts

Anthropology Art Communication Studies (Available Fall 2022)
Computer Science Economics ** Education
(Secondary & K12)
Elementary Education (K-6) English French
History Mathematics Music
Political Science Psychology Religion and Philosophy
Spanish Theatre Arts  

Bachelor of Science

Business Administration Data Science Exercise Science

Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science

Biology Chemistry *Individualized

* Students may develop individualized majors with the approval of their advisor, the division chair, and the provost. The Veterans Administration will not pay for individualized majors. Students may also complete two majors but will receive only one degree. If the two completed majors result in different degrees (B.A. and B.S.), the student may decide which degree he or she will receive.

** Students must complete a concurrent major in either biology, English, history, mathematics, or music.