The Mathematics Major

Associate Professors: Jeremy Chapman and Tharanga Wijetunge
Assistant Professors: Christopher Schwanke
Director of Developmental Mathematics: Meredith Wright

Mathematics is the language of nature, the Rosetta stone by which we come to understand the inner structure and form of our universe. It is also the language of computers and the key to the burgeoning Information Age. As a tool for understanding the world, it is perhaps the oldest and most enduring— and still, today, one of the most dynamic and exciting. Students in the mathematics major develop an understanding of mathematics as a vital tool of the mind.

The mathematics major is both rigorous and flexible. It provides students a foundation upon which to pursue graduate studies in mathematics or professional training in areas such as law or engineering while permitting them the flexibility to pursue minors in other liberal arts disciplines and to prepare themselves to teach in secondary school. Graduates receive the Bachelor of Arts degree in mathematics.

Students who wish to teach secondary school mathematics must satisfy admission requirements for the Liberal Arts Teacher Education Concentration (LATEC) and complete the general education core and education theory curriculum in the secondary education certification program. Additionally, prospective mathematics teachers must take MTH 400, which may be used as a general elective but not as a mathematics elective. We recommend that prospective mathematics teachers take MTH 360 and 380 as mathematics electives.



MTH 210 may be used to satisfy core requirements. 

MTH 400 may NOT be used to satisfy the Mathematics Elective requirement.

PHY 240, 241, 250, and 251 are recommended general electives.

Summary of Requirements for a Major in Mathematics

Item #
Mathematics Major Electives (9 credits)  +
Sub-Total Credits
Total credits: