The Music Major (BA)

Associate Professor: Michael Oriatti
Director of Bands: Fredrick M. Brown, Jr.
Adjunct Instructor: Kristian Ameigh
Adjunct Instructor: Jon Healey
Adjunct Instructor: Barbara Reeve

Part-time instructor: Melissa Eubanks


At Lyon we speak the language of music, endorsing its traditional role in the liberal arts. The music major is thus rooted in the history and theory of music as well as in performance. It is well suited to students who wish to pursue graduate study in performance, music education, music theory, or musicology; potential church musicians; and students who wish to study music in tandem with other disciplines.

In addition to studying music in the classroom, music majors develop skills as performers (in voice, piano, organ, or selected instrumental areas) in private lessons with a member of the music faculty. A basic level of skill on the piano is expected of all music majors; therefore, students must pass a piano proficiency examination by their senior year. All music majors must also complete a senior project that will culminate in the form of a public recital, lecture-recital, or lecture.



* Students may use MUS 110 to satisfy core requirements. 

* To satisfy the Individual Lessons requirement, three hours of private lessons, not including those the student may wish to take in order to pass the piano proficiency examination, should be taken on one instrument or in voice. Additional private lessons may be taken but may not be considered as music elective hours.

NOTE: To graduate with a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science degree from Lyon College,
students must successfully complete a minimum of 120 semester credit hours comprised of
our required Core curriculum (44-48 hours), the requirements of at least one major (credit
hours vary per major), and a selection of our Liberal Arts electives. They must also earn at
least a 2.00 cumulative grade point average for all work taken at Lyon College and a 2.00
cumulative grade point average in their major, minor, and concentration

Summary of Requirements for a Major in Music

Item #
Individual Lessons (6 credits)  +
Music Electives (9 credits - 200 level or above)  +
Sub-Total Credits


Item #
Core Curriculum Requirements (In addition to Major hours)  +
44 - 48
Sub-Total Credits
Total credits: