The Neuroscience Major (BS)

Biology Faculty
Professor: David Thomas
Associate Professor: Cassia Oliveira and Maryline Jones
Assistant Professors: Alexander Beeser and Eric South
Psychology Faculty 
Associate Professor: Jennifer Daniels
Assistant Professors: Robert Miller, Allison Sonia, and Nikki Yonts
Visiting Professor: Britt Florkiewicz


The Neuroscience major provides students with a foundational understanding of the biology and function of the nervous system and brain. The major offers courses spanning topics from the intricate processes that control neural activity to the anatomy and function of brain regions and the intersection of neurobiology and behavior. True to the liberal arts experience, the Neuroscience major draws from several academic disciplines, and students in the major will take many courses in biology and psychology as well as neuroscience as they develop their understanding of how the brain and nervous system produce the mind and behavior. The program also emphasizes research methodology, data analysis, and statistics as it pertains to the study of the nervous system and behavior.


Item #
Core Curriculum Requirements (In addition to Major hours)  +
44 - 48
Sub-Total Credits
Total credits: