Other Study Abroad Opportunities

The second avenue of study abroad available to Lyon College students is studying at a particular foreign university or educational institution with which Lyon has arrangements to send Lyon faculty for a period of one month to one semester. At a study abroad center, some of the student’s classes will be taught by  Lyon faculty and some may be taught by visiting professors from other universities or by host institution faculty. Currently, Lyon College has one study abroad center at the Vesuvian Institute in Southern Italy.  The Institute offers accommodations and meals, has its own classrooms, and is connected with a UNESCO World Heritage site where students will have a chance to gain practical experience among some of the best-preserved Roman villas in the Mediterranean. Their website can be reached at https://www.vesuvianinn.com/  It will offer its first round of courses in July of 2021. The first program to be implemented at the Institute will be for computer science and data science majors and will feature extensive onsite practical work in GIS supplemented by classes taught by Lyon faculty. Italian language will be offered as part of the orientation. Students will be expected to pay for meals (billed by Lyon College), optional excursions, and incidentals. Additional programs are under development at the Mark Rothko Art Centre in Latvia and Jagiellonian University in Poland.

Lyon students may also participate in semester and year-long study abroad programs at institutions other than the approved exchange programs listed above. They will not be classified as Lyon students during the duration of such study, however. Accordingly, they are responsible for the full cost of such study abroad programs. Students are encouraged to apply for outside scholarships and may apply for a partial Lyon study abroad scholarship if they meet all the eligibility requirements for the grant. While prior approval to participate in such programs is not required, students should consider applying for a leave of absence. In all cases, they must request permission in advance to transfer credit hours from these programs to Lyon. This approval process is the same as for any transfer credit request, except that the written approval of the International Education Office is also required. As with all transferred courses, credit hours may be awarded toward program and/or graduation requirements, but the grades received in these courses will not be used in the calculation of the student’s Lyon GPA.