Some General Rules About Scholarship Maintenance

Course Loads: All Lyon College-funded scholarships (financial aid) require a minimum course load of at least 12 hours per semester at Lyon College (as recorded on the official census day each semester, which is generally the 11th day of class each semester). However, the majority of State of Arkansas scholarship programs require a course load of at least 15 hours per semester (as recorded on the official census day each semester). Waitlisted Hours: do not count as enrolled hours – only actually enrolled hours count. Pass/fail: Pass/fail courses and remedial courses for which a student  Repeating Courses: Students who repeat a course may count the course only once toward credit hour requirements. It is the student’s responsibility to know all of his/her scholarship maintenance requirements and the student should verify that he/she is enrolled in the necessary course load to maintain all aid. Students wishing to reduce course loads after enrollment should contact the office of financial aid to ensure that their aid will not be affected. GPAs: Scholarships funded by Lyon College all have specific cumulative GPA requirements, though they vary by type. Lyon GPAs do not include coursework taken at another institution, whether taken concurrently in high school, prior to transferring into Lyon, or during a summer while enrolled at Lyon. For the purpose of maintaining state scholarships (funded by the AR Dept. of Higher Education, such as the AR Challenge, or Governor’s Distinguished Scholarship), grade points earned at another institution may be used by the ADHE in recalculating an overall cumulative GPA; it is the student's responsibility to submit transcripts from both Lyon and the other institutions to the ADHE for such a recalculation. It is the student’s responsibility to know all of his/her scholarship GPA maintenance requirements. Students who are unsure of the GPA requirements to maintain their scholarship(s) should contact the office of financial aid.

Most students will have financial aid from more than one source and many will have aid from two or all three major sources – Lyon College, the Department of Education (federal government), and the Arkansas Department of Higher Education (state government). Each of these major sources has its own policies regarding financial aid eligibility and maintenance, so it is important that the student understand the sources of his aid and the accompanying requirements for maintaining all of his financial aid.