Student Awards: The Charles H. Coffin Scholarship Medal

The Charles H. Coffin Scholarship Medal is awarded each year to an honor graduate of Lyon College who has taken at least his or her last three years of work here as a regular student. The award, in the form of a gold medal, represents the highest award conferred upon a Lyon College student. It was founded around the turn of the century by Charles H. Coffin of New York City, Class of 1884, as the Alumni Medal. After his death in 1916, the award was endowed by a gift from a classmate of the original donor and renamed the “Charles H. Coffin Scholarship Medal.” After the mold for the medal was lost, Eugene Sloan, ’12, loaned his personal Coffin Medal to the College so that another die could be cast. His lifelong respect for the medal caused Mr. Sloan’s family to create the Eugene Sloan Endowment for the Coffin Medal to underwrite the cost of the medal. Records are still being searched in order to compile a complete list of recipients. The following list is incomplete:

1906 Eula Maxfield Garrott 1907 George T. McKee
1908 Horace Sloan 1909 Stuart R. Oglesby
1910 E. B. Paisley 1912 Eugene Sloan, Christine Murphy
1914 Malcolm E. Evans 1915 M. S. Smith, Jr.
1916 Fred Maxfield 1921 Ira Nelson Barnett III
1922 John Quincy Wolf 1925 William A. Sensabaugh
1926 Etta Brewer 1927 Lillian Jimerson, Avon Shannon
1928 Marguerite Glant Shannon, Stuart H. Salmon 1929 Marjorie Norton
1930 Bess Millen Wolf 1933 Ella Myrl Dobson, Wilma Stanley
1934 Allie Beth Dent, Doris Wray, Lois Thomas 1935 Leila Heasley
1936 Martha Cantley, Dorothy Ross 1939 Lillie Mae Martin, Frances Ross
1940 Frances Chaney 1942 Betty Wasson, M. E. Wasson
1944 Mary Engels 1946 Charline Bryant
1947 Kathleen Sharp 1948 Lowell Southerland
1949 James Vernon Balch 1950 Gary Jones
1951 Pearl Ottinger 1952 Joan Creason
1953 Joyce Virginia Shillcutt 1954 Evelyn Willard
1955 Von Dean Gray 1956 Marjorie Stuart
1957 Jim Gillaspy 1958 Ernestine Teeter
1959 Barbara Buford 1960 Jacob C. Turner
1961 Mike Collins 1962 James Logan Morgan, Jr.
1963 Moorene Goff Newton 1964 Roberta Mae Bustin
1965 Mary King 1966 Lamar Middleton
1967 Mayola Satterfield 1968 Clifford Jackson
1969 Lance Jones 1970 Ronnie Gerald Brogdon
1971 Ray Hamlett 1972 Billy Wayne Bristow
1973 Peggy Reynolds 1974 Mary Ann Gray
1975 Mark Wood 1976 Mara Marlin
1977 Joan Rodella Chisam 1978 Jeannie Dacus Whitener
1979 Keith Stillwell 1980 Karen Sue Calaway
1981 William L. Garner 1982 John Collins
1983 Doug Punke 1984 Marsha Allen
1985 Cynthia Britton Barber 1986 Patty L. Keeton Burks
1987 David Wesley Duke 1988 Benjamin Carl Blount
1989 Jennifer Smith 1990 Leroy Roberts II
1991 Roger Weitkamp 1992 Benjamin Weston
1993 Shane Robert Smith 1994 Heather James
1995 Rebecca Osborne 1996 Robert Gregory Tebbetts
1997 Elizabeth Susan Neelly 1998 Leslie Lynn Chambliss
1999 Brandon Colby Flygare 2000 Kimberly Dickerson
2001 David McCullars 2002 Jonathan Thompson
2003 M. Danielle Temple 2004 Edlira Bashari
2005 Justin Holt 2006 Adam Long
2007 Robert Bailey 2008 Robert Frank
2009 Leah Byers 2010 April Burns
2011 Elena Rodriguez 2012 Andrew Todd
2013 Jon-Michael Poff 2014 Jonathan Dannatt
2015 Ralynn Brann 2016 Robbi Riggs
2017 Hope Woods 2018 Hannah Templin
2019  Jordan Trant 2020 Robert Luke Shackelford
2021 Zachary Ward 2022 Hannah Wu
2023 Nikkolette Perkins