Student Life

Student life at Lyon College is infused with a strong sense of community, enriched by the Honor and Social Systems, which afford students a great measure of personal freedom while requiring of them an equal measure of responsibility. A supportive campus culture provides an excellent backdrop for the College’s campus life programs, designed to encourage learning, growth, participation, and leadership. Within the College community, the role of the student life staff is to foster an atmosphere in which learning and growth are primary emphases. Lyon’s student life programs are geared toward the development of the whole person, with attention to the intellectual, emotional, social, physical, and spiritual dimensions of learning and maturing.

Lyon students take active roles in all aspects of college life. The Student Government Association gives students a voice in shaping institutional goals and priorities. Through the Honor and Social Systems, students take responsibility for maintaining the highest standards of integrity and responsibility within their Community.

Social life on the campus is active and varied. Lyon students are inventive and energetic in their social and recreational pursuits, and an extensive program of student activities offers entertainment, participation, cultural diversity, recreation, and collegiality. Lyon students also participate in a variety of campus organizations. Clubs, societies, and special interest groups bring faculty, staff, and students together to explore shared interests. Publications and artistic opportunities provide students with creative outlets. The LEAP allows students to take full advantage of Lyon’s location in the Ozarks. Lyon is the only private college in Arkansas that sponsors national sororities and fraternities.

There are numerous opportunities for spiritual growth and service at the College. Weekly worship services are available on campus, and area places of worship welcome Lyon students. The college chaplain works with Campus Ministries to provide leadership and direction to campus religious activities centered around worship, study, fellowship, service, and spiritual development.

Campus life is an important dimension of the educational experience at Lyon. It exposes students to a diversity of persons, opinions, and lifestyles and provides them with daily opportunities to play productive roles in the life of an active community of learners.