Study Abroad Exchange Programs

Lyon has established formal tuition exchange agreements with Akita International University (Japan); the University of Poitiers (France, where payment of language center fees is required); the International University of Rabat, Morocco; and Belfast Metropolitan College, Queens University, St. Mary’s University College, Stranmillis University College, and University of Ulster, all in Northern Ireland, through the Irish-American Scholars Program and the Association of Presbyterian Colleges and Universities. Lyon is also a member of the Consortium for North American Higher Education Collaboration (CONAHEC), which allows student exchange with schools located in Mexico, Spain, Chile, Argentina, Guatemala, Canada, Honduras, Colombia, Iceland, Brazil, and South Korea, and the Universities Studies Abroad Consortium (USAC).

In most cases, the exchange is for a semester but some schools offer summer exchange as well. Students normally participate in a semester and year-long study abroad exchange programs during their junior year or the following summer. Applicants are required to have attended Lyon full-time for the academic year preceding their study abroad, have a Lyon cumulative GPA of 3.0, be in good financial standing, and have appropriate foreign language skills to be eligible to participate in a semester or year-long study abroad exchange program. In addition, each school may have additional requirements for admission. Students should get more information about their selected school’s requirements and application deadlines from the Lyon International Education office. Approval to participate in one of the exchange programs must be granted in advance by the Lyon International Education office with approval from the program and provost, students will register in NIS 300 and/or 301. Proof of medical insurance for the duration of the study abroad program is part of the approval process.

Exchange students will pay Lyon tuition, any tuition differential between Lyon and host institutions, and any required fees. Exchange students are solely responsible for transportation, accommodations, meals, books and supplies, medical insurance, passport and visa fees, and personal expenses and debts related to study abroad. However, they may use their Lyon grants to offset costs, provided they meet the eligibility requirement, and they may apply for outside scholarships. Scholarship information can be obtained from the International Education Office. Students who fail to fulfill the terms of the exchange agreement, or who fail to successfully complete the approved course of study, or who fail to return to Lyon for at least one semester following the exchange program will be required to reimburse the College for any program-related expenses beyond direct payments to the College by the exchange student. Lyon international studies grants are considered College expenses.