Transfer Credit

A maximum of 72 hours can be transferred to Lyon College from accredited two-year and four-year institutions of higher learning, provided the courses are in areas of instruction offered by the College and the grade earned was a “C” or better. (Pass/Fail courses will transfer if the student can demonstrate that the grade earned would have been a “C” or better.) Normally, Lyon will not accept correspondence course work. Transferred grades will appear on the student’s transcript, but will not figure into the Lyon GPA.

Developmental courses (those that do not count towards the 120 hours to graduate) completed at other institutions will not transfer to Lyon College. They may, however, be considered when determining placement in mathematics and English.

Students academically suspended from another institution must wait at least one semester before being admitted to Lyon. They and students on academic probation at another institution will be admitted to Lyon on academic probation.

Students currently enrolled at Lyon must obtain permission to take academic work at other institutions if they wish to transfer the credit earned to Lyon. All Core proficiency courses with the exception of courses in foreign languages not offered at Lyon must be verified by Lyon examination before credit is awarded.

Lyon reserves the right to determine course equivalence for transfer credit. Transcripts will be evaluated by the registrar upon admission to the College, and students will be notified of their standing through their advisors.