Withdrawal from College

If students are unable to complete their academic work, they may withdraw from the College prior to mid-term. A student may not withdraw from the College after mid-term grades are due, except for medical reasons. To withdraw from the College, a student must consult with the dean of students and receive the written permission of the provost and the dean of students. Their transcripts will indicate that their current courses were incomplete by recording either a “WP” or “WF” for each course. Failure to complete the withdrawal process within three business days after initiation will cause a grade of “F” to be recorded for every course in which they are enrolled. Students who have withdrawn from the College must be reviewed by the Admission and Financial Aid Committee before being readmitted.

A student may be withdrawn from a single course or from all courses under several other conditions. The College may withdraw a student following procedures stated in the Student Handbook. If students fail to meet the stated requirements of a course, the faculty member may request that the provost withdraw them from the course in question. Before administering the withdrawal, the provost will warn students that they are in jeopardy. An administrative withdrawal will result in a punitive grade of “AW” and be issued by the provost or the dean of students, and, where possible, preceded by a written warning (see Class Attendance). Any student may be administratively withdrawn from the College for social or academic irresponsibility.

Students who are enrolled at Lyon College on the 11th day of classes in a regular fall or spring term and who are not enrolled on the 11th day of class in the immediately-following spring or fall semester will be considered to have withdrawn from the College unless they (1) graduated or (2) applied for and received a leave of absence that covers the unenrolled term. Students who have withdrawn from Lyon College must reapply for admission (see Applications Procedures).