Exercise Science Major

Assistant Professors: Allyn Byars and Mayron Faria de Oliveira

The Exercise Science Program offers an academic major with two tracks, each with a challenging curriculum. Both, the Health and Wellness Track and the Health Professions track lead to a Bachelor of Science degree. The Exercise Science Program also coordinates the Activity/Wellness courses that are a part of the general education requirements for all undergraduates. The Exercise Science curriculum promotes critical thinking, encourages the development of leadership skills, and prepares students for careers in and continued study of the application of the principles of human movement, exercise, and healthy living.

The mission of the Exercise Science Program at Lyon College is to discover and promote knowledge of human movement and performance to improve the health and quality of life of individuals at all stages of life and society as a whole.

The Exercise Science major is open to all qualified Lyon College students following the prescribed admission pathway:

  1. Students who are in their first year at Lyon (either freshmen or transfers) who express an interest in majoring in Exercise Science must meet with the Exercise Science faculty to evaluate their preparedness for the program, and to plan a course of study that will support their entry. At a minimum, EXS 201 should be completed with a C or better the freshman year.
  2. Students in their second pre-baccalaureate year may declare the Exercise Science major provided that they have a cumulative GPA of 2.5 or higher and that they have completed EXS 201, EXS 205, and BIO 110 with a C or better.  If the GPA threshold is not met, the student can work with the Exercise Science faculty to develop a remediation plan that provides an opportunity for the student to meet all of the admissions requirements.

Students may use the following courses to satisfy Core requirements: BIO 110, CHM 105, CHM 110, PSY 101, and RPH 205

NOTE: To graduate with a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science degree from Lyon College, students must successfully complete a minimum of 120 semester credit hours comprised of our required Core curriculum (44-48 hours), the requirements of at least one major (credit hours vary per major), and a selection of our Liberal Arts electives. They must also earn at least a 2.00 cumulative grade point average for all work taken at Lyon College and a 2.00 cumulative grade point average in their major, minor, and concentration.



EXS 375: Exercise Physiology

Class Program
Credits 4

This course addresses the study of how the body (on the cellular, tissue, organ system levels) responds in function and structure to 1) acute exercise stress, and 2) chronic physical activity. Aspects of chemistry, biology, and physics are integrated to explain biological events and their sites of occurrence in the human body as they affect exercise and training. Includes energy systems, neuromuscular concepts as applied to sports, and functions of the cardiovascular and respiratory systems. (Same as BIO 375)

Prerequisite Courses