Film and Media Studies



FMS 323: Moving Image

Class Program
Credits 3

An introduction to the production, application, and interpretation of time-based visual images such as film, video, and new media. Students will gain experience operating movie cameras, recording video and audio, and editing with computer software. They will also have opportunities to experiment with techniques such as analog filmmaking, animation, installation, projection, multimedia, and web applications. Emphasis will be placed on the application of time-based media within a Studio Art context, and students will cultivate both aesthetic and conceptual skills as makers of moving images. (Same as ART 323 Moving Image)


FMS 323 or ART 101 or ART 110 or ART 120

FMS 370: Practicum

Class Program
Credits 1

Experiential learning with local film festival or other activity proposed and organized by student in consultation with faculty associated with the minor.


FMS 150 or permission of instructor.