Journalism Concentration


The journalism concentration at develops the thinking, writing, and editing skills needed for professional writing careers in business and journalism. The concentration prepares students to join corporate editing and writing staffs as well as the editing and reporting staffs of newspapers and magazines.

Students following the journalism concentration choose majors appropriate to their intellectual and professional interests. Some might select an English major, for example, to focus on critical verbal skills, while others might select political science to develop understanding of political events important to news and editorial writing. Still, others might select Spanish, art, or economics. Students in the journalism concentration are free to select whatever major suits their individual interests and needs.

Lyon graduates with courses from the journalism concentration have been particularly successful after joining the reporting staffs of daily newspapers and the writing and editing staffs of professional organizations. Many of them have also moved easily into marketing positions. Their success has stemmed from their ability to think critically, write clearly, solve problems, and lead.

Recommended electives:

Print journalists have recommended that students develop fields of reporting expertise—in the arts and literature, for example, or politics, science, or business. In addition, Spanish is a useful tool for both reporters and business writers. Students should talk with their concentration advisor about appropriate options.

Total Credits