Lyon Scholarship Maintenance Requirements


  • All Lyon students, unless automatically exempt (as stated in the Residence Life section of the catalog) are required to reside on campus or in campus-owned housing.

  • Some scholarships require campus residency. See ‘Named Scholarships’ below.

  • Students who are automatically exempt from campus residency may choose to live off campus without penalty of scholarship reduction, unless

    1. they hold certain named scholarships (listed below), or

    2. the total sum of the student’s institutional, federal, and state gift aid is more than $2000 in excess of the student’s charges billed by the college for the year (or $1000 per semester). In the case the student’s total institutional, federal, and state gift aid exceeds these limits, the student’s institutional aid will be reduced to where the total aid is within the stated limit.

Named Scholarships

  • Students holding Brown, Anderson, or West Scholarships, and Freshman students holding Lyon Honors Fellowships must live on campus. 

  • Students holding a Lyon Honors Fellowship must live on campus their first year and are subject to the Lyon Resident Policy in subsequent years. 

  • Students holding the ‘named’ scholarships above will have their cumulative GPAs reviewed at the end of each academic year. The minimum cumulative GPA requirements are as follows:

    • Brown (3.25)

    • Anderson (3.0)

    • West (3.0)

    • Lyon Honors Fellowship (3.25)

Students failing to meet the minimum cumulative GPA requirements will lose their Lyon Scholarship.

Other Lyon Scholarships (Academic and Performance)

  • Students holding all other Lyon scholarships (academic, athletic, fine arts, transfer, etc.) may have their cumulative GPAs reviewed at the end of each academic year for academic good standing.

  • Should the student not raise their cumulative GPA at the end of the probation semester to the level required for ‘good academic standing’, they will be suspended from the College and may result in an adjustment of their Lyon aid.

Loss of Lyon Scholarships

  • Students who have had their financial aid adjusted to to academics may appeal that decsision. They must submit a written appeal to the director of financial aid detailing the extenuating circumstances that resulted in their deficient academic performance causing the adjustment of their aid. The appeal will be evaluated by the Admission and Financial Aid Committee
  • Students who are suspended or lose their scholarships at the end of the spring semester may elect to go to summer school at Lyon. Summer credit at Lyon will be calculated into their cumulative Lyon GPA and could impact reinstatement of their scholarship and good standing at the College.